Win a Free VoiceThread License for Your School

Are you a Phys. Ed. teacher or coach on the K-12 level? Would you like to win a free VoiceThread license for your school?

If you answered yes to both questions, then this contest is for you! Entering is simple. All you need to do is create a VoiceThread lesson for your students that meets the criteria below and submit it to us via this form:

Contest Submission Form

The VoiceThread must include:

1. Video demonstration on at least one slide. You can use VoiceThread for a virtual film session that breaks down game or practice footage or simply to demonstrate proper technique for a skill or exercise.

2. Use of our “doodle” tool to annotate an image or video during audio or webcam narration. The doodle tool can be used “John Madden” style to trace the path of a wide receiver, to circle proper body position during pushups or anything in-between.

**3. Interaction with students on the VoiceThread. **While VoiceThread can be used for presentations, we encourage faculty to use it as a two-way conversation space. Asking students questions at the end of each slide is a great way to assess understanding of what you just explained.

This mini-example may give you some ideas:\

We will award free school licenses to the first three submissions that meet the criteria above, so don’t wait!