Look Ma, No Flash!

VoiceThread’s transition away from Flash has been an ongoing project over the last four years. Not unlike re-building a plane in flight, it required keeping in mind that VoiceThreaders all over the world were counting on us to keep the conversations going no matter what. It wasn’t easy, but as of today you don’t need any Flash whatsoever to use VoiceThread. The new HTML5 version looks and feels the same while offering new features like adjustable playback speed, streamlined audio/video recording, and increased security. In short, it’s a win win.

As an administrator, you can test it yourself first and then enable it for all of your users when you’re ready. We’ll continue to support the Flash-based version until January 1, 2018. Click the button below to learn more about how to make the switch and find answers to commonly asked questions.

Please contact pro-support@voicethread.com with any questions.